Friday Night

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Bluegrass Revival

As the name suggests, Bluegrass revival is a Bluegrass gospel group, consisting of Terry Wooley, who plays rhythm guitar, bass, and sings baritone, Lyle Birchman, who plays harp, David Conly, who plays the banjo, Don Loomis, who plays mandolin and fiddle, and Jim Westbrook, who plays bass, guitar, fiddle, and sings tenor.

Calvary Heirs

The Calvary Heirs Quartet began singing in 1980 founded by “Pa Bill” Eckler.  They are based in beautiful east-central Kentucky. Though their passion is southern gospel music, they sing all types of genres. Their purpose for singing is to spread the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ all over Kentucky and indeed around the country.

The Foresters

The Foresters are a family group in full time Gospel Music Ministry. They travel all across the United States, Canada and Europe holding more than 200 meetings each year. The Foresters sing southern and traditional Gospel Music. They are a family group with a live band. They play a large variety of instruments including, Piano, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica and Drums. The Foresters consist of:  Mark (vocals, piano and guitars) , Andrea (vocals and bass guitar) , Tyler ( age 13 – drums) and Trevor (age 9 vocals and bass guitar)

Gloria Lynne

Gloria Lynne is an amazing contemporary, country, and bluegrass musician. Known to be called the “Singing Preacher”, she’s sure to bring encouragement and laughter to the stage.

The Maendels

The Maendels are a family group from Petoskey, Michigan who share a blend of gospel bluegrass/praise and worship to lift your hearts and minds to the Lord.

Mary Ann Garza

Mary Ann Garza has been singing Country Gospel Music for many years. First with her husband Al, who passed away in 2010, and now by herself. She has a heart for missions, and travels wherever the Lord leads her. Mary Ann wants you to know that, “Our Lord is truly a blessing and He wants to bless you, spend time with you, and show you how much He loves you”.

The Thurstons

The Thurstons, consisting of Dave Thurston, Marni Thurston, & Monty Bishop are Spreading the message of Hope and Encouragement through song. Classy appearance, sincere hearts & the ability to deliver the Word of God in song & testimony makes this group very effective while on the platform. Their music & presentation of the word of God is inspiring & their energy is contagious.

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